A Hunting Trophy Can Help Tell an Epic Story

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You know what would impress your friends more than photos of the game you caught? A trophy mounted to your living room wall. Whether you're adding another mount to your collection or want to commemorate your first hunt, you should turn to RJ Taxidermy for specialized taxidermy work.

Founded in 2016 by Rachel and Jon Hadden, RJ Taxidermy is a locally owned and family-operated taxidermist specializing in small mammals and waterfowl. We take pride in creating lifelike trophies for fellow hunters in the Remsen, NY area.

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It will always look like you remembered

Our specialized taxidermy work is designed to last for years to come. You won't have to rack your brain to recall details of yesteryear's hunt for your grandkids. Just point to your wall to show off your...

Mallard duck taking flight

Raccoon scurrying up a tree

Bobcat preparing to pounce

Ask us for a customized habitat to make storytelling easier.

You won't own a ho-hum trophy

Hunters in the Remsen, NY area appreciate our lifelike handiwork. We'll be careful to dry, skin, sew and preserve the animal so it looks just like you found it in the wild.

Bring your catch to a taxidermist at RJ Taxidermy today so we can create a stunning hunting trophy for your wall.