A Hunting Trophy Could Look Weird All by Itself

Learn about the custom taxidermy bases & habitat we make in Remsen, NY

Some trophies don't look out of place when mounted to cabin walls or in a man cave. But if you're thinking about displaying your hunting trophy in your living room, you might want to look into a custom taxidermy habitat.

RJ Taxidermy creates custom taxidermy bases to go with the lifelike mounts we make in Remsen, NY. We create wetland scenes for waterfowl like ducks and geese, as well as wooded scenes for small mammals like squirrels and bobcats.

What did you catch and where? Let us know so we can create a custom taxidermy habitat to display in your home.

Keep it simple or go wild

It's up to you. We can create custom taxidermy bases like...

  • A mossy river rock for a mink
  • A gnarled stump for a fox
  • A tree for a raccoon

Give us a general idea of what you're looking for, and we'll wow you with the results. Call 315-796-3104 now to talk to a taxidermist in Remsen, NY.