How Lifelike Is Our Waterfowl & Duck Taxidermy Work?

Well, it wouldn't look out of place in the wild in Remsen, NY

All those hours crouching in a hunting blind and waiting for ducks or geese to approach paid off. What will you do with your prized catch? Why not bring it to RJ Taxidermy? We specialize in waterfowl taxidermy in the Remsen, NY area.

Our goose and duck taxidermy work is incredibly lifelike. Stop by today to see it for yourself!

Important information for new customers

Thanks for considering us for waterfowl taxidermy services. We take pride in the quality and durability of our work. Please note that...

  • We won't stuff and mount birds of prey.
  • We use preservatives that are gentle on birds' skin.
  • We use special taxidermy tools to rearrange bird wings and feathers.

Contact us today to see why Remsen, NY hunters choose us for goose or duck taxidermy services.